What is the Geriatrics Healthcare website?

The Geriatrics Healthcare website is a web application that allows for exploration of the Geriatrics Ontology. It allows for full text searching over the whole ontology as well as visualization of relations between nodes. It also has the full description page for the Diseases on the Disease Encyclopaedia page. The website also consists of the Symptom checker, which helps in Diagnosis process.

What technology is used for visualization on the Geriatrics Healthcare website?

Several graphic libraries and software packages were evaluated for the handling of visualization of ontology relationships. The jOWL plugin was selected due to its strong cross-platform compatibility. jOWL is a jQuery plugin for navigating and visualising OWL-RDFS documents.

Where can I submit a question or term request?

New terms, definitions, suggestions and questions regarding the Geriatrics Ontology and improvements for the website can be submitted to the Contact Us page.

How do I navigate around the Geriatrics Healthcare website?

There are three basic tabs of information on the website.
1. Symptom Checker
2. Disease Encyclopaedia
3. Ontology Browser
The Symptom Checker predicts the diseases based on the symptoms entered by the user. As soon as the user starts typing the symptoms, suggestions are shown in the dropdown. Based on these symptoms, the possible diseases are predicted.
The Disease Encyclopaedia has the information of all the diseases in the Geriatrics Ontology. The user can navigate through these diseases and look for their symptoms and diagnosis.
The Ontology Browser depicts the entire Geriatrics Ontology. All the Classes, Properties and SPARQL-DL queries are depicted here with option of two different view modes. The Treeview structure displays the ontology in the tree fashion whereas the Navigation bar displays the ontology through tabs.

How is data searched in the Geriatrics Healthcare website? What fields are searchable?

The data is searched based on the Classes in the Geriatrics Ontology. These classes are the symptoms defined in the Handbook of Geriatrics. The symptoms are searchable under the Symptom Checker page and Ontology Browser page.

How often is the Geriatrics Ontology browser updated?

The Geriatrics Ontology browser is updated whenever we receive any suggestions for modifications.